RM Writing Services is a one-woman shop, so you’ll always be working directly with me, an experienced editor and writer. I’ll give your project the personal attention it deserves. I’m thorough, honest and dedicated to ensuring you get the finished product you need at a decent price.

Research and Writing of SEO-Friendly Articles, Ebooks and Web Content

I am an accomplished freelance writer familiar with writing SEO friendly articles and web content. I've created content, blog posts, articles and marketing materials for sites addressing the following topics: travel, parenting, health, consumer credit, dating and the restaurant industry. My articles are well researched and error-free. I'm quick and creative.

Development of Marketing Materials

I am experienced in creating marketing materials including business-to-business newsletters, email campaigns, blog posts and articles designed to drive traffic to your website. My newsletters are well researched, informative and engaging. I understand the correct tone to take with marketing materials.

Editing Services

If your essay, article, marketing material, short story or manuscript needs a little help, I can edit your work line by line for spelling, punctuation, grammar and formatting errors. I can also insert suggestions for expansion, wording changes and plot improvements if such input is desired. Varying levels of editing are possible, so I will communicate with you throughout the process to ensure the service you get is the service you require. The final product will be ready for submission or publication while maintaining the emphasis and tone that you desire.

If you need help preparing your query package for approaching agents or publishers, I can assist you in that process as well.

Rates and Recommendations

Editing Services: Two cents a word for light edit, three cents a word for heavy edit


Copywriting/Web Content: Ten to twenty cents per word, depending on type of copy


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  • Writer, editor at RM Writing Services
  • Freelance Writer Contracting for Life 123 at Life 123
  • Marketing Director at InfoTech Marketing
  • BA in Political Science, University of Minnesota-Twin Cities


Writer, editor

RM Writing Services

8 visible recommendations for this position: Edit

“If you are a writer, I should say a serious writer, you will probably need an editor. You need someone with passion, conviction, and the ability to read what's in your head, (the writer). I've used Rachel as my professional coveted editor for my book, The Odds Are, which was published this year. Now we are in the process of putting the final touches for my next book, The Trilogist.
There's a lot of mediocre talent in the world of editing, Rachel stands out with the elites.
Michael Price, Author” November 17, 2011

Top qualities: Personable, On Time, High Integrity

1st Michael Price
hired Rachel as a Writer/Editor in 2010, and hired Rachel more than once

“Rachel is a stellar writer and an insightful editor. She is, hands-down, my "go-to" person for all my editorial needs for both business and creative work. She's a thoughtful editor who has the gift of improving material while respecting the integrity of the author's intentions.

Rachel also has a talent for adapting to a variety of subjects. She can write about or edit material for any topic in any industry--such versatility is rare.

In addition to her skill set, Rachel is simply a delightful person with whom to work. She's smart, engaging, and utterly respectful. Without any hesitation whatsoever, I would recommend her as a writer and editor to anyone.” November 17, 2011

Top qualities: Great Results, Expert, High Integrity

1st Jodie Lynn Boduch
hired Rachel as a Writer/Editor in 2007, and hired Rachel more than once

“Rachel was probably one of the BEST copywriters I have ever worked with. Her personality with her professionalism was second to none.. I would definitely hire her again ...” December 17, 2009

Top qualities: Great Results, Expert, High Integrity

1st Marcello Miranda
hired Rachel as a Writer/Editor in 2008, and hired Rachel more than once

“Rachel has done a great job writing and composing research based articles for my job and for my website, her creativity, personal attitude and professionalism are the qualities that made me call her back for news job every time!” November 21, 2008

Top qualities: Great Results, Personable, Creative

1st Hili E
hired Rachel as a Writer/Editor in 2008, and hired Rachel more than once

“Rachel is easy to work with. She also enjoys her work and that reflects in her writings. I recommend her to anyone that needs good quality information and research on any topic.” November 11, 2008

Top qualities: Great Results, Personable, High Integrity

1st Charles Walker
hired Rachel as a Writer/Editor in 2007, and hired Rachel more than once

“Rachel is a fantastic freelancer writer that goes above and beyond in her research, writing and communication skills. I can always rely on her to be detail-oriented and on time with all of her assignments. She is a delight to work with.” November 10, 2008

1st Meghan Colloton, Content Editor, IAC Search & Media
managed Rachel at RM Writing Services

“Rachel did an excellent job writing a set of articles for RECON Magazine, even without prior knowledge of the subject. Each and every one of the subjects she has interviewed for the magazine have contacted me afterwards to say what a pleasure it was, and how pleased they have been with the article. I cannot recommend Rachel strongly enough!” November 10, 2008

Top qualities: Great Results, On Time, High Integrity

1st Ian Ebersole
hired Rachel as a Writer/Editor in 2008, and hired Rachel more than once

“Rachel's writing is very clean and well organized. She worked quickly and was very personable. I would definitely work with her again if I need new articles written in the future.” November 10, 2008

Top qualities: Great Results, Personable, Good Value

1st Sharon Brown
hired Rachel as a Writer/Editor in 2008

Freelance Writer Contracting for Life 123

Life 123

1 visible recommendation for this position: Edit

“Rachel is a sharp, talented writer eager to take on a wide variety of subjects. Her skills have greatly benefited Life123.com.” January 15, 2010

1st Victoria Welch, Content Manager, Life123.com
managed Rachel at Life 123

I have ghostwritten the content of several websites, including for consumer credit websites, website creation sites, heating and air conditioning sites, plumbing sites, sales sites, translation sites and sporting goods sites.

Literary Accomplishments:
Placed in two novel competitions (Gival Press, Novello Press), and currently under representation by literary agent Carrie Pestritto of Prospect Literary Agency of NYC.

Click here to view Rachel Mork's author profile on Prospect Literary Agency's Website.