Rachel Mork – Copywriter by Day, Journalist and Novelist by Night


I enjoy writing about controversial social issues, with the hope of promoting positive social change. My first novel, HONORABLE INTENTIONS, explores the inherent conflict between national security interests and civil liberties. It tells the story of an Afghan-American who is unjustly accused of supporting a terrorist while showcasing the concerns of a patriotic but radical preacher who values national security above all other causes. This piece placed in both the 2008 Novello Press Literary Competition and the 2007 Gival Press Novel Competition.


I’ve just finished writing a novel titled SKY OF BRONZE that explores the impact of societal pressure on closeted gay men and the devastating consequences experienced by the women who unwittingly marry them. It’s a story about what happens when a gay man tries to suppress his sexuality by marrying and starting a family. When his wife discovers he’s having an affair, all hell breaks lose because he can’t choose between his lover and breaking up his family, and the poor guy commits himself to a religious reparative therapy center when he tries, against all odds, to change his sexual orientation. SKY OF BRONZE tackles the issue from both the wife and the husband’s perspectives as they wrestle with issues of love, loyalty, commitment and integrity. It is currently on submission to publishers.

I am currently working on my first nonfiction book, titled ABOMINATION. It is a collection of true stories of men and women who have endured reparative therapy (also known as conversion therapy.) The book also includes insight from therapists who work with gay men and women who have tried to change or suppress their orientation through such therapies and now are coming out. The purpose of the book is to promote positive social change and support the LGBT rights movement. You can learn more about it at www.rainbowrights.net.


I am also working on a third novel, titled POLYG. This piece, while neither pro or anti polygamy, examines the challenges faced by women living in polygamous households. The story is told from the perspective of an eleven-year-old girl who desperately wants her family unit—unconventional as it is—to remain intact. As part of my research, I am interviewing women who live in Fundamentalist Mormon polygamous households, all of whom have fascinating stories to share. I plan to write an accompanying nonfiction book, titled WHY SHE LEFT, WHY SHE STAYED - a collection of true stories of women who have remained in polygamous households and women who have left polygamous households.

I'm currently represented by Carrie Pestritto of Prospect Literary Agency (see my author bio on their site here). She's currently pitching SKY OF BRONZE while I finish ABOMINATION and complete the research needed for POLYG.




I’m married, live in a suburb of Charlotte, and have three children and three cats. I write web content and ebooks, edit manuscripts, and write marketing materials to make a living. You can find samples of my work at www.life123.com, as well as on a gazillion other websites. Just google my name and you’ll find all kinds of articles on mundane topics.


Boring, I know. That’s why I spend my time writing about other people’s issues instead of my own. You really don’t want to read page after page about my addiction to brownies or how much I miss my parrot, do you?


Yeah. I’ll stick to writing about controversial topics. It’s best for all of us.